Must have apps for your Smartphone : Best-Chosen apps for all major Smartphones

Must have apps for your Smartphone : Best-Chosen apps for all major Smartphones

Today Smartphones of apple, android, blackberry and windows owns a play store to provide all required apps for its users. But many of you will get confused in choosing the right apps for your Smartphones, this dilemma will end here. Because we at Indianmobileprices had researched and found some of the best apps for Smartphones, these apps are essential for your day-to-day life and provide all needed information in a single touch. The list of useful apps is given below,

Best apps for apple, android and windows

Smartphones have a different mobile operating system so each phone has some preinstalled apps according to their OS. For example, if you choose android then your phone will have Gmail, Google search, chrome, YouTube, Google maps and other Google related products by default. Similarly, the other OS will provide some of their default apps for the users but here we have listed the common and must have apps for all your handsets.


The Smartphones have many entertainment apps which are necessary for the busy Indians. The best entertainment apps available are,

YouTube – It provides free videos from different categories, the users can enjoy it in online or they can download the video for watching offline.

Media players -The best media players for enjoying songs and videos are VLC, MX player, Nokia mix radio and poweramp players. You can also download sound hood or shazam for identifying the song that are playing in the media players.

Social media networking – Many of you have social accounts in Facebook, Whatsapp, twitter, Google+, Skype and etc so don’t miss those friends in your Smartphone, just download the social app for your usage.

Shopping apps- The shopping apps like Amazon, Flipkart, snap deal, eBay and etc. allows the users to buy, sell the products of their choice. You can download any of your favorite shopping sites for easy purchase.

News – Keep yourself updated with plenty of available news apps like BBC news, yahoo news digest, paper, AP, CNN, Google currents and etc. These apps are available for all major Smartphones you can download it and get up-to-date news daily.

Professional apps

Many office goers and business people will keep track on their daily emails and messages and will also store plenty of personal and business files. For those users, the Smartphone provides following apps.

Email - Professionals and students highly depend on email service for their day-to-day work, so the Smartphones provides plenty of professional email apps like Gmail, outlook and etc. These apps are readily available in your app store just get it free and enjoy its usage.

Storage – Smartphones does not provide needed memory for its users so having a cloud storage app like drop box, Google drive and etc in your Smartphone allows the users to store all necessary information in the cloud platform.


Security is very much important for every Smartphone because it prevents the phone from malware and viruses. The following are the best security apps recommended for the Smartphone users.

Antivirus – The antiviruses and junk cleaning apps like avast, CM security, Ccleaner, bit defender and etc are available for free in all major app stores.

Block unwanted callers – Avoid unknown calls and messages by installing apps like the true caller, Mr. Number, call bliss, iblacklist.

Others apps- Other necessary apps required apps for your Smartphone are Google maps, ever note, blackboard, all recipes, my supermarket and etc.

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