Why mobile insurance is important?

Why mobile insurance is important?

Today mobile phones are gaining popularity among people but, whether the purchased mobile phones are safe in your pocket? The answer is no because people buy smartphone without an insurance policy and if the phone is lost or severely damaged beyond the warranty period, the user needs to bear a huge cost for the loss. The reason why Indian should choose a mobile insurance is, in India more than twenty lakhs mobile phones are stolen for a month. If you lose your Smartphone, the mobile company will not repay your loss. People spend huge money to buy their desired mobile phones but ensuring whether it is safe is also important in every mobile phone purchase. Refer the mobile insurance coverage and other related details in below information.

What is mobile insurance and extended warranty?

The mobile insurance safeguards the mobile phone from accidental damage and theft. Some of the important factors that a mobile insurance cover are damage caused by fire, damage occurred due to strikes, riots, accidental theft and damages occurred in accidental circumstances. Some of the mobile phone providers have a warranty option; the warranty period will be one year from the date of purchase. .

The extended warranty will protect the Smartphone after the normal warranty period, the period of extended warranty will be one or two years depends on the plan. The mobile user has to purchase it within stipulated days (3 days to 6 months, varies per insurance provider) of mobile purchase. But the cost of it will depend upon the market price of a mobile phone. The extended warranty and normal warranty covers the technical faults of the phone. It is provided by some of the leading mobile phone providers like Samsung, iphone, Nokia and etc. The gadget cops, warranty bazaar, infy shield and onsite are some of the private extended warranty providers.

Why mobile insurance is important?

The extended warranty will cover only the technical faults of mobile phones and there is no replacement for a loss. But, if you choose mobile insurance the phone will be secured from theft, accidental damage and various other circumstances. Today, the mobile insurance plans are gradually increasing in the country some of the leading insurance providers in India are listed below.

Mobile phone insurance providers and companies in India

Syska gadget secure,

Hash tag,

One assist,


And many more..

Exclusions under a mobile insurance policy

The mobile insurance policy will not cover the following,

• Sudden disappearance of mobile phone
• Theft occurred due to personal carelessness
• The theft occurred in vehicles that are left unattended.
• Damages occurred due to climatic conditions, mechanical or electrical breakdown, detritions.
• Damages occurred during cleaning, maintenance or repairing process and in abnormal conditions.
• Intentional act of the mobile phone user
• Loss or damage occurred in war or nuclear activity, loss occurred by water.

How to claim a mobile insurance policy?

If your mobile phone is stolen or damaged, the user has to file a police complaint in nearest police office within 24 hours and submit the FIR copy and mobile invoice to the respective insurance company. The mobile insurance claim should be filed within 48 hours after the theft or loss occurred for the customer.

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