How the next generation Smartphones will be? : A small study on futuristic Smartphones

How the next generation Smartphones will be? : A small study on futuristic Smartphones

No one can predict the future, but we at indianmobileprices conducted a small study on tomorrow’s Smartphones. And after a research we found some of the interesting facts about the next-generation Smartphones, so we would like to share with you all. The major mobile companies like apple, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola and etc. are very keen in giving the tomorrow in our hands; their major contributions mainly focus on the following,

3D screen- It is capable of providing a 3D view without wearing any special glass. So, the user can watch a complete 3D movie in their mobile phones.

Flexi-screen- It has extraordinary inbuilt sensors that can able to project the inner picture outside when the phone is completely folded.

Foldable phone- The foldable phone is very similar to Flexi-screen but the phone will not appear just as normal Smartphones rather it will look like a closed shell, where the user can use and close it like a money wallet. This type of Smartphones will have an OLED screen with higher-end features.

Pico projector- It is a best extraordinary feature of tomorrow’s Smartphones because the project will display a virtual keyword that allows the user to type in the air. This feature will surely woo you to the core.

Bracelet phones- These phones will attach to our hands and allows us to receive calls, read messages and provides a complete touch based screen. These phones will have inbuilt headset which allows the user to hear the music or attend the calls on the go. You can wrap around the headset and attend the calls without touching the phone.

Augmented reality- AR or augmented reality is a computer technology which works with the help of sensors. This feature will relate the real life with computer generated data, for example if the mobile user wants to find the nearest coffee shop he can just trigger his camera to his nearest place and the AR will provide the required information.

When the above features come into live, we can enjoy an extraordinary Smartphone experience and faster mobile world so be ready to welcome the future.   

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