How to enable fast browsing in Smartphones? : Tips to boost Network Speed and Browser ability

How to enable fast browsing in Smartphones? : Tips to boost Network Speed and Browser ability

Increasing browsing speed in Smartphone is always a big deal for its users, when a browser takes more than a minute to load a web page then the user will avoid browsing in their phones. This frustrating condition will not happen again for you because we at indianmobileprices found some of the possible ways to increase the browsing speed of android and iOS Smartphones. Our tips will enable the mobile users to allocate more space for the web browser and helps to provide fastest mobile browsing experience. The network speed-boosting tips for android and apple mobile phones are given below.

Simple ways to improve browsing speed in Android Smartphones

Increasing space allocation in chrome browser: Many face issues in android mobile browsing, but it can be easily improved by allocating more space for the chrome web browser. The default memory space allocated for a chrome browser is 128 MB this space can be increased up to 512 MB. By increasing the space allocation, the browsing speed will get improved drastically and the web pages will load in a second. The available memory spaces provided for android chrome browser are the default, 64, 128, 256 and 512.

Once you have allocated more space for your browser, the phone will ask you to re-launch the browser again. Confirm the operation and wait until your browser gets relaunched, later you can see a significant difference in the network speed and the browser’s capacity. This process can be reversed at any time as per your requirement.

Remove cache and junk files: Emptying browser’s history and junk files will speed your browsing and free the memory space. To clean it easily, you can use some of the best cleaner apps in your Smartphone. For android the best cleaners are clean master, DU speed booster, Ccleaner, device control, tasker and etc. these cleaners are available in your android app store just install it and feel the difference in your Smartphone.

Disable flash and JavaScript in the android browser: Disabling JavaScript will affect the appearance of certain websites, but it will speed up the browsing and remove unwanted ad blocks. Turning off the JavaScript will not affect the functionality of the browser or your Smartphone. To disable the JavaScript go to menu options in your chrome browser and choose an advanced setting option and enable or disable the JavaScript for your browser.

Simple ways to improve browsing speed in apple Smartphones

Close all the running applications: When you run too many applications in your iOS mobiles, the browsing speed and phone performance will get deteriorated. To avoid it you must close the running apps by holding the menu button for a second, this operation will list all the running applications in your mobile and it can be closed by swiping the screen upwards.

Reallocate memory for speed improvement: The apple Smartphone does not allow its users to allocate the memory space. So the user can perform it by downloading the best memory allocating apps like battery doctor app, SYS activity manager app and etc. These apps will boost your memory space and increase the overall mobile performance.

Clear cookies and junk files: iOS users will usually use safari browser for mobile browsing so clearing the junk files and history of it will improve the performance and remove unwanted files. To enable it, go to browser settings and choose clear all history, cookies and data.

Restart the phone: Restarting apple Smartphone will enhance its overall browsing performance, to restart it hold the sleep button for a while and restart your mobile phone.

Restoring the factory settings and re-establishing the stored backup will improve the mobile performance and provide fast browsing experience.

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