How to make most of your Smartphones? : Unknown secrets of the Smartphones

How to make most of your Smartphones? : Unknown secrets of the Smartphones

The Smartphones like android, iPhone, blackberry and windows has plenty of useful apps and a wide range of different features which are not known by its users. These unknown features will enable the user to get more from their phone than they really expect. We at Indianmobileprices had researched the unknown secrets of Smartphones and found some of the best-hidden features of it. The Smartphones are just like a computer which has everything you need, just read the below features of your extraordinary Smartphones and make most of it.

Change the launcher of your android phone and make it more attractive: Android Smartphones usually have a user-friendly UI (user interface). But it does not force its users to use the same interface of it; instead it allows you to get any desired launcher from Google play or other external sources. Some of the android launchers provide a graphical display with animation and extra effects. You can get a launcher for free or can you choose paid launchers of your choice. The best launchers for android Smartphones are nova, apex, action launcher3, EverythingMe Beta, yahoo aviate, Nokia Z and APUS launcher.

Control the electronic devices with your Smartphone: Some of the higher end models of android Smartphones have infrared blasters that allow its users to control the electronic devices which operate using infrared rays. If your Smartphone does not have this feature just download it from Google play and enjoy its usage.

Identify the songs playing on your Smartphone: All Smartphones including apple, android, blackberry and windows allows the users to identify the song playing in the device. The song identification is done by sound hound widget which is usually present in all major Smartphones. It finds the song in a simple tap and displays it on screen. The widget is also available in Google play and other play stores users can download it if they don’t have this feature in the Smartphone.

The android Smartphones can work as a game console: The higher end models of android Smartphones like Samsung and Sony supports MHL which can turn the Smartphone into a gaming console. To enable it, you should connect the MHL cable of your device with smart TV and can view the stored media in a large screen and can even play games. You can control the TV by Bluetooth controllers and can enjoy its usage.

Accelerometer application: All Smartphones have this application in the play store, but apple and blackberry Smartphones have a built-in accelerometer. It allows the users to find the distance level between you and other devices, for example, you can find the level of your cat, television, bed and etc.

Check temperature from your Smartphone: The Samsung Smartphone has a built-in temperature app that finds the Fahrenheit level of your environment and the contact you have with the device. By finding the temperature level, the app will calculate whether the environment is safe and comfort for the user.

Visual voice mail: The voice mail service is available in apple, android and blackberry mobiles, it allows the users to view the voice mails as a menu and plays the mail in just a tap. The voice mails have a stop, rewind and pause buttons, to enable this feature download hullo mail from the app store.

Block the unwanted callers from your contact: The android, apple, and blackberry mobile phones have the option to block a particular caller from the contact list. But unfortunately, this feature is not available in windows handsets; those users can download apps like true caller and etc to enable this feature.

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